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Cultived in field

1. Cultived in field

"Rice Safety" are necessities in the market trading agricultural sector today. To make the product safety, we have to choose:

 - The rice planting clean materials, not salinity, heavy metal poisoning, adjacent to and away from residential areas.

 - Rice varieties must have clear origin, non GMO.

 - Clean water, standard, non-toxic infection.

 - Apply "biological power" is essential.

Production at the factory

2. Production at the factory

After the rice harvest in the fields of large samples, we transport the rice plant to reach moisture dried under technical specifications of the plant.

  - Archive preservaation drying rice in a dry place to carry out the milling process which removes grit and sort of by-products such as sheet, husk, bran to conduct other manufacturers as wood or straw, rice husk pellet or bran ingredients.

  - Milled rice is conveyed about polishing plants to enhance the preservaation and make the grain more shiny.

  - Then switch to color separation by type of plant breeding to processing for the beautiful color of rice grain quality and uniformity as required percentage each customer's plate.

  - Finally material was put into packaging.


3. Export

With a convenient location close to restaurant services very quickly, saving cost and time for customers. Product packaging after finishing in two lines exported mainly waterways and roads:

   - Waterway: Can packing amnesty for those near or exported to Hong Kong port, if goods shipped away to be put down and goods transported by container or vessel.

   - Roads: the product is shipped by truck or tractor (container).


4. Distribution

    Products of our company are domestic and foreign distributors, agents from the small to the supermarket; from big factories inland to partners around the world including China, the US, Mexico, Australia, Philippines, ...


5. Consumer

    By reputation and the efforts, our company is always creative, research and production of products with high nutritional value, safe and healthy in order to satisfy the needs and tastes of guests groin.

      Our products have been present in the country and abroad, with the desire to give consumers not only a delicious meal but also safety and quality.

     Through these products, we want to send a message: the meal is necessary for each person, each family member. Family meals fastened solidarity, warmth, confidence, happiness and make people closer together.